An application to transform the words and language
Not their meaning

A Multi-lingual cloud application that allows the users to send and receive the text and verbal messages in their preferred language.


Trulinco Empowers Everyone!

Trulinco is a futuristic and revolutionary App that is going to empower the life of every person right from the Common Man, Professionals, Businesses, NGOs, Political Parties, Social and Welfare Communities. It provides seamless and uninterrupted communication in the form of text, voice, video, media translation, group calls, and many more features to unravel with real-time translation across multiple languages.

So let’s unravel the powerful features offered by Trulinco that you won’t be able to overlook.

Documents Translation

Upload Documents and Get Instant Translation in Your Language!
Trulinco allows you to translate your documents in the preferred language. Just upload the document and press Translate, that’s how easy it is! Your document is translated, download the translated document and keep reading!

Image Text Translation

Scan Images for Instant Translation in Your Language!
Media translation allows translation of image language swiftly in the preferred language. Just scan and press enter, that’s how easy it is! Now you have the superpower to understand everything!

Text Chat Translation

Instant Chat With Real-time Translation in Your Language!
Experience futuristic communication through text messages, voice notes, and swift media sharing. Now you can exchange messages with people speaking different languages , seamlessly through real-time translation across the world.

Voice Call Translation

Seamless Voice Call Translation in Your Language!
Talk to everyone via call and experience smooth voice calls with Trulinco. Moreover, you get to call and talk to people speaking different languages through real-time translation. Yeah, that’s for real!

Video Call Translation

Smooth Translation During Video Calls!
Connect with office colleagues, family and friends with seamless video calls without any interruptions. So, no distance or language barrier can stop you from building connections.

Group Call Translation

Business Meetings With People Speaking Different Languages!
Trulinco allows professionals to connect via video with people speaking different languages at the same time. Conduct Work From Home meetings, Webinars, Web Conferences, Office Meetings all at your comfort zone, at your own pace, in your own language!


Send text or voice message to your connections in any language

Using the Trulinco Communication platform, you will be able to communicate with your loved ones all over the world in any language.


It Translates Truly

Even if you use the application's audio/video calling or text messaging features, it will translate your text and voice messages exactly as they are, with no alterations to the subject or substance of a message.


For all platform


Accessible on every platform and OS

Website and Mobile (Android and iOS)

Trulinco Trulinco